Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cameras: Useful Broadcasting Tool or Idiot Maker?

Whether you are a sports fan or not, odds are you have watched a game broadcast on television, whether it be the Superbowl, World Series (unless your a Cubs fan) or a riveting water polo match. (Apparently, water polo does not use "Marco Polo" rules as I previously assumed.)

Anyway, have you noticed how the perfectly normal people who sit in the stands to watch those sporting events become complete idiots whenever a camera lens points their general direction? Here are some examples of the odd things that people do when on camera at a sporting event (and why they should have some self-respecting restraint):

1. Grab the front of your t-shirt to lift and shake the logo of the team you are currently watching while simultaneously screaming "WHOO!" to the camera.
Yes, we know you're there to watch that team now. But when I see you do that, I mostly think back to the Mike Myers skit on Saturday Night Live--Sprockets--in which Myers pinches and raises his shirt in a similar fashion (to mimic female anatomy) and says "I'm as happy as a little girl." But Mike Myers version is actually funny and entertaining. There is another group that uses overexcited gestures and sounds to communicate....they're called primates.

2. Act like you've conquered the world after you happen upon a foul ball.
Don't get me wrong, when a fan makes an extraordinary foul ball catch, the guy has a right to celebrate. What is annoying is when there is no extraordinary catch--rather, a fan chases a ball rolling down an empty aisle and--when he grabs it--acts like he is the greatest champion of all time, raising his arms in the air and shouting victoriously. Wow, so impressive of you to be one of the 46 fans who will snatch a $2 foul ball in that game alone. And even more impressive how you pushed that seven-year old boy down the stairs who was competing with you for said souvenir.

3. Holding one finger up and shouting "NUMBER ONE" at the camera.
Do I really need to explain how ridiculous this is?

4. Bringing a sign that plays off of the call letters of the network broadcasting the game.
This wouldn't be so dumb if the creativity of these people was better. When I see a sign that says ESPN vertically down the left side to spell out "Everyone is Special at Pistons land Now," I think that the sign was better left at home. The signs almost never make any sense and are mostly a cheap plea to get two seconds of air time.

5. Using your kid to get airtime by having him hold up your sign...for five hours.
How often have you seen a poor little five-year old boy holding up a sign (that he obviously had no part in creating) for the length of the entire game? At first the boy is happy to appease his parents. But by hour two, not only are the boys arms and shoulders suffering from extreme fatigue, but you've also managed to anger the fans behind you who can't see anything except the back of your sign. Try treating your kid like child, not like a gimmick for air time.

There are more, I'm sure. If you want to vent your "fans on TV gone stupid" ire, feel free to use the comments section on this blog to do so.

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PoopsMcgee said...

HAHA... I love watching college football and seeing an unranked team win the game and go "Were #1"... I almost want to say "not really, you are not even ranked"