Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Common Courtesy: Where'd You Go?

The biggest source of frustration in my life comes from dealing with people. Not just any people. But those people. You know all about those people. The ones that make no effort to adjust their straight line path when walking through a crowded mall, forcing you to veer around them with the stealth and agility of a fighter jet just to avoid a collision.

Or the ones that don't bother to say 'thank you' when you hold a door open for them. Or even the ones that, despite being 6'5" in height, work their way through a crowd at a concert to stand right in front of you and block your view completely.

You know. Those people. And they're everywhere! It's an epidemic of rudeness and self-centered ego-driven attitude that takes over the bodies of completely normal human beings and turns them into repugnant, hideous beasts who manage to take a perfectly pleasant situation and turn it into a major suckfest.

Exhibit A: At a recent concert of a famous English band (whose names rhymes with badiolead), one freckled, make-up covered brunette...think a poor man's Lindsey Lohan (which is saying a lot)...decided that I was there for the sole reason for her to lean if I was an upright barcalounger on which to rest her skanky bones. At first, I wrote it off as part of standing in a tight crowd. But I soon realized that it was deliberate. Here was a person who was perfectly happy with leaning her body weight on a complete stranger for comfort. (I guess the Li-Lo comparison works in more ways than one.)

Exhibit B: Pick any road and drive on it for an extended amount of time. If you don't run across a driver who seems oblivious to the obvious line divisions in the road and will randomly veer into your lane, then you are sure to meet up with a driver on his cellphone who believes that the car magically goes into autopilot mode once the phone is flipped open.

Or, you are sure to run across those drivers who have yet to figure out the complexities of operating the turn signal function in their vehicle. These people are also often known to make abrupt stops and turns. Perhaps you've run across a "gabsalot" driver who is so focused on the conversation he is having with his passenger...taking his eyes off the road to give the all-important eye contact needed in car conversation...that he fails to recognize that there are actually other drivers on the road who like to do things like drive the speed limit and not get into crashes.

Exhibit C: Work in the service industry for one day. Pick one. You'll find out just how quickly how proportionate employee incompetence is to customer rudeness. I once delivered groceries to a woman who scheduled the delivery to be from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., but proceeded to yell at me when I woke her up at 8:30 a.m. to deliver the groceries.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. It's the way of the world I suppose. And given all of the news about what life is like in China, I suppose it could be much worse. But, then again, I still have yet to make my evening commute home.


Schmagurty said...

This posting is better than Cats!

Anonymous said...

where's my estelle getty poster?????

PoopsMcgee said...

It is better then Cats but it is not better then the adventures of ford fairlane.

Speaking of the adventures of ford fairlane, that movie was rented out over 10 years ago and has not been returned, imagine the crying kids that did not get to watch it.