Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Because You're Louder Doesn't Mean You're More Right

I tuned into the Today Show this morning at the start of the interesting discussion about how CEOs of major corporations are just one of many groups of folks sucking the economic lifeblood out of the United States like a bunch of dehydrated vampires. You know the story: ABC Corporation collapses, 20,000 lose their jobs, benefits and retirement nest egg, CEO gets $400M severance package.

Other than being quite annoyed with the fact that the news networks are just catching on to this story now (about 15 years too late in my book), I was quite bothered by the two "expert" pundits the show had on to "discuss" the topic. The problem: one of the said pundits did anything but discuss the topic. Rather, he decided to yell over the other show guest, cut off any dissenting statements made by any others people in the segment and throw out completely off-the-mark comparisons to make his point. You know, your typical news network format. (Yes, I'm looking at you Bill O'Reilly).

It was like adding an eight-year old to the discussion and asking him to say "I know you are, but what am I" over and over again over the others. The more adult of the two pundits couldn't get a word in edgewise before the other pundit...let's call him jerkstore...would cut in to say things like "well, why don't people complain about A-Rod making $200M with the Yankees! Why do CEOs get all this heat for getting paid so much money?"

DUH! Perhaps because maybe when the Yankees don't do well, it doesn't result in thousands of people losing their jobs and retirement funds as a result. But forgive me. That's a common sense statement that has no room in a discussion with a conversation bully.

These jerkstore pundits are everywhere now and it's usual they have little important to say, they have little intelligence and usually always stay true to their platforms no matter how dumb it makes them look. It has made news networks like CNN and Fox News almost unbearable to watch and now it's apparent they are starting to penetrate the big networks as well.

Sure, I have my opinion on the matter of CEOs making too much money. It's hard to restrict a salary in a capitalistic system, but I feel some rules should be in place that when a company folds, the people at the bottom get their cut first so that 20,000 have some security as opposed to one having a gluttonous payday. But it would have been nice to watch the segment on TV today and learn something new. Instead, I had to watch jerkstore engage in his jerkstore ways and maek the segment a complete wash.

At the end of the segment, they cut to the weather report with Al Roker, who started off by saying "wow, that gave me a headache." Words that I imagine millions of viewers--self included--likely echoed.

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