Monday, December 1, 2008

Durbin: Make Ryan Serve

Somebody should ask Senator Durbin why he has misplaced his sympathy. With his request to have George Ryan's sentence commuted--citing a concern about the poor health of Ryan and his wife--he seems to have lost touch with real people like Pastor Duane Scott Willis.

We remember Pastor Willis as a father who--along with his wife--lost six children in a 1994 car crash that was caused as a result of Ryan's criminal corruption involving illegal licenses.

We remember the horrifying story told by Willis and his wife about how they had to witness their six children being burned to death. (You can read their story in their own words here.)

But Senator Durbin has seemed to forget about regular people like Pastor Willis and his wife. His sympathy is better placed with their family, not with a criminally corrupt, unrepentant man.

Yet Durbin has sent in a request for Ryan to be spared the inconvenience of serving time under the duress of being in poor health.

Senator, George Ryan deserves his time in prison. Why? Because the Willis family's grief over the loss of their children can never be commuted. Their lives are forever changed. They don't get to pull a few strings with the President and get their six children back. And they never will.

Ryan has never sincerely apologized to the family and was defiant and angry about his sentencing. He is a truly bad person.

It's not fair to them or any of us who demand justice rise above corruption to let Ryan walk. If you are somebody who demands that Ryan should stay behind bars, write a letter to Senator Durbin now urging him to make Ryan serve. You can submit an online letter to the Senator here. It will take only three minutes of your time, but may be just the difference needed to see justice served.

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