Thursday, December 6, 2012

Train Delay

These middling grunts
How despicable and bare
Crowd the entryway
A scurry to nowhere

The fabricated flaps flap
In mundane reprise
Of electronic devices
Igniting blinded eyes

The bell sounds sadly
Steel memorial march
Along the rusty rails
To an endless parch

Aimless uniformity all
In moderate hues
Grays and blacks
But sometimes blues

These unbearable wretches
Act as if royalty bestowed
If one moment should ever
Be perceived disposed

“Sound the horn ever so
My coworker down below
I shant make it in on time
How should the world go?”

The mousy one upfront
Straining her eyes indeed
For other wanton glares
Drinking narcissistic greed

The window’s green tint
Paints the day so ill
A world moving so quickly
Yet staying ever so still

And I among them a fool
Hardened numb spite
Given to it all
With so little fight

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