Monday, February 11, 2013

Five Not-So-Obvious Things I Enjoy

Well, I stopped writing blog entries, because I assumed nobody was reading them. And I'm pretty sure my assumption was correct. However, I feel the need to stimulate the writing muscles these days, so I thought I'd get back at it with another entry.

I previously did a series of blog posts about things that annoyed me. Well, looking back at that, it's a bit negative. So, I thought I'd be positive this time and write a list of 5 not-so-obvious things I really appreciate. I'm avoiding the obvious posts here--as it should be assumed how much I appreciate my wife, daughter and family and friends! Listing such things would not be very interesting nor funny. And I am here to amuse. So, let's get started:

5. People Who Pause and Listen for an Answer When they Ask You "How are You?"
We have this strange custom of asking people how they are doing after we meet, but many times, people don't actually stop to listen for an answer and respond to it accordingly. This isn't because people are generally rude--mostly it stems from the fact that nobody really does give an honest answer so in the interest of time, we assume the response is going to be of a positive nature. Imagine if you said "how are you?" and a a stranger responded, "Horrible! My back is killing me. My nephew is getting into trouble and I can't stand this weather!" It would catch you off guard, wouldn't it? 

But I do appreciate the people who ask and pause with that beat of sincerity that says that it wasn't just a obligatory or rhetorical question--but rather, they genuinely care what the response is going to be. I just hope they won't mind me going on about my trick knee.

4. Cheese. For making the blandest tasting stuff taste good.
Cheese. People love it. But think about how important it is. A pizza without cheese is just a hard disk of bread with some tomato sauce dumped on it. Think about how great broccoli is when cheese enters the mix. What would go best with wine?!?! And there are so many cheeses out there! A trip to the Whole Foods cheese counter is like a culinary trip around the world. Cheddar from a small farm in Ireland. Hard Parmesan from a village in Italy. And so on. Cheese is fantastic.  Heck, even American cheese tastes good when it's melted on stuff--and I'm not entirely sure American cheese is really cheese. Same goes with the powdery stuff that makes Kraft Macaroni and cheese. So, there you go. Even stuff that is pretending to be cheese is tasty--that's how good cheese is!

3. Breakfast with the Beatles on WXRT on Sunday Mornings
If you're not a Beatles fan, then you must have something wrong with your ears. But when it's Sunday morning, you're in the house working away at making breakfast or doing odd chores, what makes a great soundtrack for those moments is a bunch of random Beatles songs and covers playing in the background. Beatles and Sunday mornings just go together. 

2. S-Curved Roads (Especially Those that Slope Up or Down)
Admit it. When you get to a cool looking S Curve, you get a little excited inside with a feeling like you're about to slalom with your car in a Grand Prix race. For whatever reason, the act of pitching left, then right (or vice versa) is just fun. If it wasn't so much fun, they wouldn't use this shot in every car commercial ever. 

1. Waking Up Thinking You Only Have Minutes Until Your Alarm Goes Off--Only to Discover You Have Several Hours Before You Hear the Alarm Go Beep
We've all done it. Wake up with that little streak of panic or dread that you'll have to get up very soon. You feel like you've slept all night and the sun is going to rise very soon. So, you roll over, swinging your arm towards your alarm clock in a preemptive strike to prevent its sonic boom--but what do you your eyes see? It's only 1:45 AM and you have several more hours to sleep. It happens so rarely, but when it does it's like a bonus night sleep. (FYI: the opposite event of this is know as work sleeping, whereby you dream you are at work all night, only to wake up and go in for real--which is like a mental double shift.)

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