Friday, February 22, 2013

The Top Four Most Inconsiderate Habits of Train Commuters

Thousands, if not millions, of Americans use a train to commute to work. For those who do venture into a tracked car for your daily commute, this entry is for you. It is the top four most inconsiderate habits of train commuters. 

#4 Riders Who Must Ensure Their Bag is More Comfortable than a Fellow Commuter
You board an almost full train full of join in on a great scavenger hunt for one of the few remaining places to sit. Few things are more annoying than seeing somebody sitting comfortably and, in the seat next to them, their bag taking up a perfectly good seat that was ergonomically designed for a human (to be generous), and not so much made for carry on storage. And this inconsiderate person won't bother to move his or her bag to his or her lap because...well there really is no reason why other than they are inconsiderate. Even if a senior citizen with a cane and oxygen tank stands before them, they just can't be bothered to move their bag from the seat to their lap. 

#3 McDonalds Eaters
You walk into a train car and the smell hits you right away--that typical McDonalds smell of fried fats, oils and sugars. And the first waft sort of makes you and the rest of the train car hungry. Who can resist the almighty power of the french fry? But then, five minutes pass and the McDonalds odor makes its typical transformation into that putrid, dirty grease gas smell that stinks up the entire car. These inconsiderate people know this is going to happen, but they still bring that bag with the golden arches on it into the train anyway. The rest of us leave with a coat of grease on our faces.

#2 Wide Sitters
You enter a train, see an open spot next to a perfectly normal-sized human being. You sit. But you feel cramped into a small space and small because said human being has not done the things that considerate people do when somebody sits next to them which include: tucking in ones elbow; scooting a bit to the opposing end of the seat and tucking the nearest knee in closer to the other. Rather this person sits like he's plopped down in a lazy boy and you're just an added armrest. It's as if you're a ghost and they had no idea another person was there. 

#1 Smoke Walkers
You get off the train, eager to get to your destination. Up ahead of you, somebody is stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, looking down. But the, you see a plume of smoke rise above his head. Oh no. You just got behind a smoke walker--a person who insists on smoking upon first chance after leaving a train. With every step you take, you do not breath in the fresh, McDonald's grease-less air; rather you not only suck in the second hand smoke that is coming from the end of the cigarette, but also the smoke that has traveled through the smokers lungs and back out into his trail. You get to your destination smelling like an ashtray.

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Joel Osterman said...

#5 Overly chatty middle-aged women. They always talk to me. I try to be considerate, but after a 10 hour day at my shithole job, just leave me alone.